Jeremy Chappell (President & CEO)


Jeremy Chappell has served as President & CEO at JESA since its inception in 1997. The company specializes in identifying, sourcing and integrating emerging technologies which can be applied to today's challenges in mission-critical use cases. The solutions covered in our portfolio include:

a) Standardized methods for applying the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to threat management;

b) Securing complex networks against unauthorized access;

c) Monitoring critical infrastructure across a wide range of challenging conditions.

Mr. Chappell has extensive experience in the design and deployment of secure systems across the Asia Pacific region. His cybersecurity skills have been applied to building and modernizing C4ISR command centers, and providing advisory services to several governments on risk assessments and countering insider threats. He has made strong contributions to the digital transformation of several large-scale Secure Operating Centers (SOC's) in Asia. A recurring theme has been to identify areas that can be improved with contemporary technologies and tools. By optimizing workflows in SOC's, his teams have been able to reduce the time taken to put classified information into the hands of analysts in near real-time, driving higher accuracy and significantly faster problem resolution.

Mr. Chappell has applied his deep expertise in the field of identity management to national biometrics programs across the region. His advisory services have addressed the active management of biometric records for hundreds of millions of subjects; how to manage and maintain them, and how to apply them to use cases in intelligence, combat, border security, and access control. He frequently consults on governance issues, managing and maintaining the integrity of identity information being applied across widely dispersed assets.

Mr. Chappell advises customers and stakeholders on the powerful advantages of using Augmented Intelligence for offense-based and counter-intelligence activities. His teams have focused on some immediate and pragmatic applications of AI, particularly in analyzing sensory information, such as vision and sound, to the automatic recognition of specific objects, and unusual patterns of observed behavior. His SOC background has enabled him to deploy such tools in command centers, where AI complements and enhances existing manual methods and procedures.

Mr. Chappell has extensive experience in safely prolonging the lifetime and usage of existing assets and legacy solutions. His recommendations enabled one of the region's busiest commercial airports to keep their aggressive digital upgrade program on track, while also maintaining and extending the integrity of long-standing live navigation, command and control services. He has a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Bath (UK) and an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas.